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What always happens? Life.

January 19, 2010

So. I’m back. It’s been a while. I moved. A relationship ended. A second job started. A much-loved dog died. My birthday happened on schedule. I developed a real penchant for beer. A new year began. Life. It’s happening to me now.

I traded a 7th floor walk-up for a panic room where I sleep with my head out the window on the street where my parents got engaged and I love it. I can almost touch parallel walls simultaneously in my bedroom, but I got DVR. My closet is in the living room, but I doubled the amount of toilet options. My pillow is on a windowsill, but that means there’s a window. I have fewer roommates, but one of them is my sister. New York. It’s all about the give and take, (but really about the tolerance levels regarding the take portion). And just like that, I’m moving on up to the (lower) west side.


So I’ve been busy being happy. Sad. Spackle-ing walls. Forgetting my umbrella. Waiting in lines at the DMV. Writing about deep fryers, cardboard Christmas trees and cookbooks written by toddlers. You know. That’s why I haven’t been around. The point is, I get my groceries delivered, and 95% of the time they’re what I ordered, and not someone else’s box of hot sauce. I’m taking life in stride, but I’m taking it, no matter what. I mean, life is really bringing everything to the table here. This is me taking a huge bite out of my slice of the pie. I’ll try to write about it. I’m great at keeping promises like that.

Also, I don’t pay myself for this, so, see you again in 2011.