The Work Witching Hour: 4/16/09

4:30 pm – The witching hour in corporate America.

I am drinking a Vitamin Water Focus in my cubicle when into my Outlook drops the following e-mail from my mother (who will henceforth be referred to as “Lynda” because this personality cannot be contained in the word “mom”. Everyone has a mom. There’s only one Lynda.)  :

FWD: The Claim: Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Allergy Symptoms


I do not have allergies. But she included a note in the e-mail informing me that she has just started doing this, and that on the days she does it, Dad says she doesn’t snore.

I needed to know this immediately at my place of employment. It was almost as crucial as the Youtube video she followed it with, featuring a clip from Britain’s Got Talent.


One Response to “The Work Witching Hour: 4/16/09”

  1. R. Benjamin Says:

    it is always acceptable to make fun of one’s mother…but i thought that that oddly confident british woman singing Les Miserables was great. but our memories of viral memes are fleeting. i thought that Paul Potts was great too.

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