Manhattan Style


I’m coming to you live from my bed in my 7th-floor walk-up, slanty floor rhombus room, where I have just returned from my first Interior Design: Manhattan Style class. We toured a one-bed in the east 60’s followed by the professor’s penthouse apartment and office on Gramercy Park, and I am pleased to report that I learned a great deal about furnishing small spaces on huge budgets. Then I came home and got tomato sauce and chocolate ice cream on my duvet cover in a span of 9 minutes. New record. The sauce part is understandable because my bed doubles as a dinner table (creative space solution!). The ice cream spill was the result of putting a spoonful of ice cream down on the bed for a while. I don’t even know how this happened. Apparently you can’t pay your way to classy.

I am chic as hell.


One Response to “Manhattan Style”

  1. Jaci Bounds Says:

    Isn’t Gramercy Park when Whitney lives? One of my goals when I come to NYC is to stalk her and be in the background of “The City”, what do you think?

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