Public Penance

This is public penance. I do this in the (vain) hope that I will learn from this mistake and never do something like it again.

It has been 8,842 days since my last confession. Because I’ve never gone to confession. Because I am not Catholic. It has probably been 1 day since I have done something like this.

A while ago, I was walking home from the subway after work, the way I always do, and when I got to the appointed street, I yanked my keys out of my bag like I always do, except this time a tampon came out with them and flew right into the middle of a crowd of tourists standing on my corner.

I hope you’re taking notes. You can’t achieve this overnight.


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One Response to “Public Penance”

  1. Jaci Bounds Says:

    Oh my goodness! I wish I would have been walking with you. I would have burst into laughter. Did you pick it up?

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